Fighting the Child Care Shortage in Montrose

(WesternSlopeNow.Com) – MONTROSE, Colo. – For years now, Montrose families have faced a shortage of child care.

Those with the city are hopeful that a new $600,000 grant will help close that gap.

Every morning, Sarah Fishering drops her two kids off at Maslow Academy before starting her day. However, this wasn’t always the case.

“I think it did take us about six months to finally get the girls in full time,” said Fishering.

It was was in that short span of six months, that Fishering started to notice a large problem in her community.

“That’s when I started to become really aware of the lack of high quality early education spots in Montrose,” she said.

It wasn’t until recently that the city decided to take matters into their own hands.

“This grant gives us $600,000 to put towards the purchase of our building,” said Christina Simmons, Executive Director at Maslow Academy.

While purchasing their building may be the first step, it certainly isn’t the last.

“What it will do hopefully for the future is allow for expansion to provide those toddler spots that are greatly needed in Montrose along with more preschool spots,” said Simmons.

Not only is it important for parents along with their children, but it’s also crucial for the city’s economic development.

“All these companies that are coming to Montrose and the surrounding areas that want to retain employees won’t be able to expand as much as they want, because they won’t find care for their children in this current state,” said Simmons.

While it may have been a long time coming, Fishering finally feels a sense of stability for her and her family.

“Knowing that the Maslow has been able to secure this funding gives me confidence that one of our high quality spots in town will be here for the next generation, as well as for my children today and tomorrow.”


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