Final Days of the 2019 Legislative Session

As we look upon the legislative session’s final days we wait in great anticipation to see how things will unfold. This year ECEA had hired an amazing team of Lobbyist from 3 different Lobby Firms. Though we had a late start as a team we accomplished some great things. See how we did on our key issues for 2019 legislative session:

  • SB 104 Elimination of Duplicate Regulations of School Building was changed to a study bill and will have ECEA representation in that bill’s final recommendation 
  • SB 188 FAMLI also became a study bill to ensure that it is fiscally manageable for small businesses and a responsible program for the state. 
  • SB 063 Infant and Family Child Care Action Plan will study the causes and impact of the shortage of infant toddler care both in center based and family home care settings. 
  • HB 1137 Expand the Teacher Cadet Program to Include Early Childhood Education now allows high school students in the Teacher Cadet program to focus on Early Childhood in addition to already existing programs.  

We are still watching to see how the final bills unfold during the last hours of the Legislative Session

  • HB 1013 Child Care Expenses Tax Credit- Low Income Families 
  • HB 1194 School Discipline for Preschool through Second Grade
  • HB 1262 State Funding for Full-day Kindergarten  
  • HB 1333 Cigarette Tobacco & Nicotine Products Tax 
  • HB 1005 Income Tax Credit For Early Childhood Educators 

Where the session may be coming to a close ECEA is revving up to high gear for a influential summer before ballots drop this fall. We actively participate on a number of Task Forces, Work Groups, Summits, and Collaboratives to ensure that the private sector is heard and empowered. We educate the community at large to view the Early Childhood Education field as a profession with great purpose. And we build a community of quality care programs to ensure greatness for our future generations. If you would like to join us in our fight to ensure Mixed Delivery Systems stay,  protect Parent Choice in Care, and want to help Represent the Small Business Community that is Raising our Future Generations contact Kristi Koltiska, Executive Director about membership and action opportunities at (303) 860-7174 or kkoltiska@coloradoecea.org