Calling all Quality Providers

As many begin to relax for the summer break ECEA has been full steam ahead in our efforts to support the private sector Child Care Providers and Education Centers. On our summer agenda- high involvement is shaping coming Pre K legislation, partnering with the Department of Education, continued partnership with the Office of Early Childhood, and educating our legislators on the importance of the private sector ECE field in the communities and our future as a state. ECEA wants to showcase high quality providers both large and small to demonstrate the many impacts made on access to quality care, exceptional early learning, social-emotional development, food security, multi-generational family support, and sustainable workforce. 

ECEA believes it is important for legislators and community leaders to see the value of the private sector both for profit and non profit providers so that as the next session begins legislators have a clear and memorable understanding of the importance of a mixed delivery system and the vital need to support our private providers. 

We are scheduling site visits for YOUR legislators to see the wonderful work you and your teams do in action. If you would like to host a legislative visit and tour please contact our Executive Director, Kristi Koltiska at or by phone at 303-860-7174 to be matched and scheduled. Visits will take place between September 9th- October 25th, 2019, will be scheduled with only legislators for your district.

Not a member yet? Please reach out to our Executive Director, Kristi Koltiska at or by phone at 303-860-7174

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