New Executive Director

In June of 2021, ECEA’s Board of Directors hired me, Dawn Alexander, to be the new Executive Director of ECEA. I wanted to let you know a little bit about myself. I am a mother of 3 amazing kids and 18 years ago I opened a family child care home so that I could make a reasonable income for my family AND be home with my kids. That is a decision I have never regretted!

One day I looked up to see 6 children playing happily in my back yard and realized that none of them belonged to me! That’s when I decided to become a licensing specialist with Red Rocks Community College. I spent over 3 years there, supporting a caseload of about 150 programs. Compliance wasn’t the best fit for me so I took a job with Weld Counties Health Department to help create qualified exempt homes and provide ongoing support for licensed homes and centers. My time there during COVID provided Weld programs with the information that they needed to be able to operate their businesses with confidence.

Now, in my new role, I have the opportunity to be a direct support to YOU our membership!! If you are running into difficulties, I want you to know that I am a resource here for you. We can discuss the situation confidentially and walk through the options for problem resolution. Our primary goal is to support you and your business indefinitely. If there is a way that we can support you better, we want to know about it. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions/concerns. I can easily be reached at dalexander@coloradoecea.org and we can schedule a time to talk or zoom! Thank you for the opportunity to support you and your business!!